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5 Reasons to start 3D printing now

Still a bit hesitative to step into the 3D printed boat? Well it's sailing! No worries, here's why you should can today:

1. 3D printers are affordable

10 years ago you could easily spend € 100.000,- on a 3D printer. Today they start below € 2.000,-. True, these printers have a different printing process and the result differs from professional (read: expensive) printers. But it is also true that you can have a 3D printer on your desktop for less than € 2.000,- that lets you make your own plastic models and products of the size of a football.

2. 3D software is accessible

There is some great and affordable 3D software on the market right know. What to think of SketchUp Pro (or even the free version SketchUp Make for non-commercial use) and ViaCAD? Then there are tons of freeware 3D applications that let you draw almost anything in 3D.

3. You can 3D print things that don't exist

If you have an idea and want it to put in real life, what better way to 3D print it? It is a straight forward process: you can have an idea in the morning and a product in the evening! Especially for Rapid Prototyping, 3D printers are a good friend. Make your team and customers happy by presenting a product instead of an image!

4. You can 3D print things that can't be bought

Whether you need a special kind or size of tooling, a special part of a classical car they don't make anymore, or the stores are closed and you're stuck in a process: with a 3D printer in house you're as flexible as some of the filament you can buy for your printer. Don't throw away that toy because it lacks a part: measure it, draw it, print it and re-use the toy that makes your kid happy.

5. You can 3D print things that can't be made any other way

3D printing is a manufacturing technique that does away with the need for tools. Injection molding has it's limitations in form because of undercuttings in shapes. Well, be brave and design that jewelry with a self-intersecting body: if you can draw it, you can print it. And while injection molding requires you to make at least 10.000 products to be cost effective, 3D printing lets you create even a few prints.

So... What are you waiting for?

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