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MODO 11 officially available!

April 21, 2017

MODO 11 is officially available and delivers enhanced modeling workflows, accelerated performance and improved productivity!

What's New in MODO 11?

Performance and Efficiency Improvements
Modo 11.0 delivers accelerated performance across a number of key areas:
  • Support for OpenSubdiv 3 delivers faster deformations;
  • Animation caching speeds up display;
  • Localized evaluation for MeshFusion improves interactivity;
  • Instances are drawn faster.

A large number of workflow enhancements also increase artist productivity, including:

  • Improvements to the game exporter;
  • The ability to duplicate elements while transforming them interactively;
  • New selection methods in the Item List.

Modeling Workflow Enhancements
Reinforcing its position as a best-in-class modeling solution, Modo 11.0 offers new MeshFusion features that include:

  • The ability to cut, copy and paste Fusion items;
  • Enhancements to Auto Retopology including a new Adaptive mode and Curvature metric;
  • A number of improvements to procedural modeling workflows;
  • A brush preview for painting and sculpting tools;
  • A new customizable Tool HUD for faster access to the tools you use the most.

Better Out-of-the-Box Experience

  • Streamlined installation experience and login-based licensing;
  • Included rigs for procedural modeling;
  • New render setting presets and better defaults that make it easier to create high-quality, noise-free renderings without specialist expertise;
  • An emphasis on fixing known issues;
  • Easier access to your recent projects, training videos and online help;
  • The ability to run Modo in safe mode for debugging purposes.

NEW: Maintenance & Subscription

To stay up-to-date with MODO, Foundry has introduced:
  • MODO Subscription
    Annual license of the latest version of MODO, helping you budget your software costs. Updates, new releases and technical support are free while your subscription is still valid.
  • MODO Maintenance
    Perpetual licenses now come with a first year of maintenance included, but you can also attach maintenance to your existing MODO license(s). Updates, new releases and technical support are free while your maintenance is still valid.


Click here to download MODO 11 and give this new version a try.

Convinced of the possibilities?

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Happy Modeling!

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