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We have got the filosophy to know all the ins and outs of our software, otherwise we don't need to sell it . That's the only way to give our customers the full service they need. Because we have all the knowhow of our software, we can offer you several training options to get you started with or dive further into our design and rendering solutions. For example, after attending a training, you will be able to come to better results in a faster way!

Because of our knowledge, we have already reached some 'milestones' in our short career by passing the exams for the following certifications:



So, when you follow a training at Design8's Training Center, you are certain that this training is set according to the standards of the developer of the software.


Training Possibilities

Just click on the product of your choice for more information about the training possibilities:

SketchUp Pro




V-Ray for SketchUp

V-Ray for Rhino

V-Ray for 3ds Max

V-Ray for Revit

SU Podium


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" Just followed a V-Ray training at Design8 bv and now I'm able to create impressive visualizations. Thanks Design8!

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