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KeyShot Training

Training for KeyShot is personal and on request. The training costs per day (excl. VAT) per person only:
€ 500,-

For groups from 2 to 6 participants we offer special rates. Please see our webshop for actual pricing and bookings.


Contents covered

  • Interface & Workflow, settings;
  • Importing and working at the right scale;
  • Working with the Scene Model Tree;
  • Translate, Duplicate & Pattern Parts;
  • Working with materials;
  • Create & use your own materials;
  • Scene Lighting HDRI & Artificial Lights;
  • Setting the Render Environment;
  • Working with Camera's;
  • Create & apply Material Templates;
  • Render Layers & Sets (Pro);
  • Basic Animations (Pro);
  • Output your Renderings.
Dutch-NetherlandsEnglish (United Kingdom)

" Since you (Design 8) have taught us how to use Sketchup and Artlantis we are using those every single day with a lot of success. We owe you one!

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